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Aging Greatly, Mother and Daughter Co-Founders

Hey there, my name is Ruth, I am Anja’s mother and in my late fifties. I have been living a conventional, well-regulated life, raising my three children as a single mother since my divorce, and working full-time in a big company until a few years ago.

When my children began to live their own lives, my world started to crumble and I realized that I had to change my life completely if I wanted to love life again.

After experiencing severe burnout and depression at 53, I turned my life around.

I left my job, my home, and my country to try and find my way to happiness again. I had many doubts and fears about how things would turn out. But I knew that this was the only way to make my life worth living.

Let me tell you that this was no easy task, even though it felt liberating. A lot of people around me did not understand my choice, let alone what it is to go through burnout and depression! At 53, with no college degree and having worked for the same company for 20 years, I was afraid no employer would want me. I did not even know what it was like to be looking for a job anymore. But I learned how to do it, I prepared a great CV, searched for advice from friends and family, and… could you believe it… got a job right away!

Since then, I’ve switched jobs 3 times and had absolutely no problem finding new positions… It turns out that the “leap of faith” I took at 53 showed potential employers that I am up for a change and a challenge, even now, at 58.

Today I feel so grateful and happy about this decision that brought me exciting experiences and the certitude that life is beautiful at any age. That’s definitely a message I want to pass on, both to my peers and to the younger generations. Stop doubting and start acting, instead!

If you can relate and would like to read more about my personal journey, here are a few blog posts you can read:


Aging Greatly, Mother and Daughter Co-FoundersHey there, my name is Anja, I’m Ruth’s daughter and I’m in my mid-30s… I’ve seen and supported my mom’s incredible transformation in her fifties. And I can tell you for sure that her journey was no piece of cake.

But once her life hit rock bottom, it finally gave her the kick she needed to change everything! And step by step… she did it!

Seeing how my mom “awakened” and took full control over her life really impressed me. I got inspired and started dreaming about how we could inspire more people, especially women, to open up and create a second life for themselves.

That’s how the idea of aginggreatly.com came to life…

My mom has taught me so much about life. Now that I’m in my mid-30s, typical questions and concerns for women who start aging often pop up. Who do I turn to in order to get an answer? My mom. She’s been there and has got so much valuable advice to give me. And by creating this amazing second life for herself in her 50s, she showed me that getting older is nothing to be sad about.

It’s actually something we should celebrate and use to our advantage!

While I started my career in Finance with a good job, I lost any sense of purpose after a couple of years in the field and got a burnout. I decided to quit and look for something I could be more passionate about. I have now just started studying (again) Computer Science online at the tuition-free University of the People and am also learning to code! I feel great about this path, even though, for some people, it’s quite bold to do this at “my age”.

Whether you’re 35 or 55, naysayers will always be there to discourage you when you decide to do something out of the ordinary, don’t let them get the best of you.

Mother and daughter, partnering up to spread our vision


AgingGreatly.com - Life only becomes greater with age :)


As mother and daughter, we’ve decided to join forces to make the best out of our lives and getting older! The older generation’s perspective helps us see that aging is nothing to be worried about. On the other hand, the younger generation brings more creativity and knows about the latest research and trends.

For instance, did you know that life expectancy could keep rising beyond well above 100 years? What a change of perspective to know this when you’re 50 and fear your life is over… but you’re probably only halfway through!

And there’s so much evidence already that good habits can drastically increase your chances of being so healthy and mentally sharp, that you could easily keep doing the things you love for most of your lifetime, even when you hit 100 years of age.

Imagine being 100 and going on a hike with your grandkids in the mountains – and they would be out of breath, not you.

Well, the only way to get there – and we firmly believe this is possible – is

  1. to cultivate your belief that this is possible!
  2. to implement the right habits now.

Our mission is to help you believe and take action.