10 Best Places to Retire in Oregon on a Budget

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Having worked hard for many years, we all dream of living a satisfying retirement life. The beautiful state of Oregon in the United States is one of the places known to offer retirees their dream life. Oregon’s rich history and culture, outdoor activities, stunning ocean views, and conducive climate make it an ideal location for seniors from all walks of life.

The best places to retire in Oregon on a budget should have affordable housing costs, recreational activities available, healthcare services offered, and other social amenities accessible. Affordability does not mean poor living conditions.

We understand that deciding where to spend your sunset years can be overwhelming, so we have compiled a list of our top picks of some of the best places to choose. Read on to get these great suggestions of where to retire in Oregon on a budget.


10 Best Places to Retire in Oregon on a Budget


If you have a strict retirement budget, we would suggest you live in Pendleton. This small city in Umatilla County boasts relatively low housing costs compared to other cities within Oregon. 

With a current population of about 16,869 people and a sparse suburban atmosphere, rental apartments here go for a median monthly cost of approximately $784. Additionally, the median home value in this city is about $172,100.

Food and utility costs here are also low, making life affordable for most retirees. This is good news for retirees living on a tight budget. If you choose to retire in Pendleton, you will be pleased to find peers to interact with since about 14% of the entire population are aged 65 and above.

Pendleton has a thriving diversified economy. It boasts the internationally renowned Pendleton Woolen Mills, famous for producing shirts, woolen blankets, and an assortment of woolen products. It also has a diversified ethnicity, accommodating retirees from all walks of life.

If you are a fan of art and culture, you will enjoy the annual Pendleton Round-up event, one of the states’ top tourist attractions. Additionally, nature enthusiasts will enjoy the Columbia River National Scenic Highway‘s proximity. It is a one-hour drive to the north and offers multiple water sport activities.

The stunning views of ranches and orchards to the south of this city will also capture your attention, not forgetting the quality medical care offered by hospitals and care centers. If a sparse suburban atmosphere and affordable housing are what you are looking for, you will love retiring in Pendleton.


Dallas, Polk County, Oregon, is located about 15 miles (24.1 km) to the west of Oregon’s capital, Salem. This vibrant city is home to about 17,649 people, the majority of whom are over 65 years. The fact that older people occupy approximately 21% of its entire population makes it clear that it is ideal for retirement.

Dallas is one of the affordable cities in Oregon to spend your retirement. The median monthly rental costs here amount to $867, while the median home value is about $222,700. These housing costs are affordable for most retirees living on a budget.

If you want a perfect place to relax and rest during your retirement, look no further than Dallas. It is dotted with multiple historical buildings, antique shops, cafes, and boutiques. Additionally, it has a well-built creekside trail that is ideal for walking, cycling, and birdwatching, which connects different recreational parks within the city.

You can get a fill of nature in the beautiful botanical gardens in Dallas: Hunter Arboretum and Botanic Garden and Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge. Additionally, there is an 18-hole disc golf course for outdoor sports and fun where you can enjoy playing golf with your peers.

Dallas city also boasts economic and ethnic diversity. It accommodates retirees from different parts of the world, and, therefore, you can’t mix and mingle with people from different cultural backgrounds. There are also several healthcare facilities within proximity to this city. If you need to visit the beach, it is a short drive to the west.

Choosing Dallas as your retirement location offers you a calm sparse suburban atmosphere.


If a quiet beach town is your idea of an ideal retirement place, try Florence. This small coastal town in Lane County has a population of 9,329 people, out of which about 42% are over 65 years of age. The statistics are evidence that Florence is favorable for your post-retirement days.

The housing and utility costs are relatively lower in Florence than in other places in Oregon. The average monthly cost for rented apartments amounts to approximately $885, with the median home value amounting to $224,300.

Florence’s coastline location makes it an ideal choice if you want to lead an active retirement life. It is perfect for hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and other water sports. There are also unlimited fishing opportunities. All these activities can help anyone live a healthy lifestyle, and especially the seniors.

This city boasts several parks and recreational grounds, such as the Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park and Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, where you can engage in fun outdoor activities.

If you explore further into the islands, you will find great sceneries with breathtaking forest views where you can freely connect with nature.

Although the locality seems less developed than other cities in the US, Florence still offers its residents quality healthcare vital for the older generation. The Florence PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center stands as the main medical services provider.

Coos Bay

Coos Bay is not only one of the vibrant cities along Oregon’s coast but also one of the most affordable places to retire in the region. Its mild climate and affordable housing seem to be the main attraction here, drawing in a population of about 16,417 people. Older people above 65 years of age make up more than 22% of the entire population.

When it comes to housing prices, you can part with about $820 per month for rental apartments. Additionally, Coos Bay’s median home value is relatively low, approximately $181,200.

Living in this quaint town gives you endless outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming, and canoeing, among other water sports. The mild coastal climate adds to its suitability for outdoor engagements.

Endowed with beautiful beaches, rivers, lakes, and mountains, Coos Bay is one of the beautiful places where you would wish to spend your golden years.

Coos Bay boasts an active network of modern medical facilities and care centers ideal for older retirees. If you are a foodie, there are numerous restaurants and cafes here serving delicious dishes.

For transport and infrastructure, this city is home to one of the busiest airports in Oregon and has a rich network of modern roads to help you move around. You also have the option of water or railway transport.

When relocating to Coos Bay as a retiree, you will meet friendly and welcoming residences who will make you feel right at home.


Harbor is a small unincorporated area in Curry County. Over the years, this town has continued to attract many retirees who occupy the greatest percentage of its population. 

It’s currently home to 1,958 residents, of whom more than 62% are above 65 years old. This small town boasts affordable housing for the retirees, with the median monthly rental charges amounting to about $855 and $139,200 for median home value. Most retirees living on a budget can comfortably afford these housing costs.

Additionally, the cost of food and other amenities is also relatively low. Besides the low cost of living, Harbor is endowed with a favorable Mediterranean climate with alternating seasons of cool winters and mild dry summers.

Because of its proximity to the Oregon coast, living in Harbor gives you a stunning view of the beach. You also get to enjoy some outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and canoeing when the weather allows.

For your health emergencies, you will have access to quality medical care. Although this city lacks a high ethnic diversity, its residents are welcoming, friendly, yet conservative.



10 Best Places to Retire in Oregon on a Budget


Terrebonne is another unincorporated area and a census-designated place (CDP) in Deschutes County. This small reserved town has about 1,658 people, with people above 65 years old occupying more than 19% of the entire population.

Although this town has limited shopping and dining options, it is within proximity to Redmond and Bend, which have more to offer.

The housing costs are affordable for most retirees, with the median monthly rental costs going for $917 and the median home value standing at approximately $231,800. 

Terrebonne has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate ideal for most outdoor activities. If you are a nature enthusiast, you can visit Smith Rock State Park to explore what the islands of Terrebonne have to offer. You’ll be amazed by the breathtaking forest views.

Despite having a low ethnic diversity, the residents of Terrebonne are friendly and welcoming. You also enjoy access to quality medical care for all your medical emergencies.


Sitting strategically in the Goose Lake Valley, close to the foot of Warner Mountains, is the vibrant city of Lakeview. This city is the county seat of Lakeview County and has a current population of 2,326, with retirees occupying more than 21% of the entire population.

This small town offers its residents a suburban-rural mixed atmosphere, with the median monthly rental costs being around $768 and the median house value being $117,100. Retirees living on a budget can comfortably afford the housing prices in this town.

Lakeview boasts scenic views, thanks to the Goose Lake Valley and the Warner Mountains. Here, you will have more than enough for your eyes to behold.

This town is also ideal for outdoor enthusiasts favoring activities such as fishing, hiking, and walking. The semi-arid continental Mediterranean climate here alternates episodes of hot summer and cold winters.

During summer, the days are relatively hotter than most parts of Oregon and the nights are mainly cool, and rare frost may occur. You can take advantage of the hotter days to engage in your favorite outdoor activities.

Lakeview is also known for recreational activities like hang-gliding and paragliding, which can be fun to engage in. If you are looking to explore the wonders of this city, visit the hot water geyser at the Hunter’s Hot Spring.

This vibrant town also has a high ethnic and economic diversity. Its residents have access to adequate medical care. If you are looking to have an adventurous retirement life at a low cost, choose Lakeview.


Home to about 26,799 people, of which more than 15% are retirees, Woodburn’s beautiful city strategically sits at the northern end of Oregon’s popular rolling Willamette Valley. It offers breathtaking views without the high costs of other neighboring towns.

The conducive climate that favors the growth of vast acres of vineyards also makes the area suitable for flowers. The beautiful tulips, which blossom in different colors, add to the scenic views and the city’s overall beauty.  

If you love nature, you can visit the vast Oregon Botanical Garden, strategically located within proximity to this town.

For all your shopping needs, the famous outlet mall will serve you right. This mall is known for its friendly prices and quality merchandise featuring brands such as Nike and Adidas. This town also features restaurants and eateries that serve mouthwatering meals.

Woodburn upholds its culture by holding beautiful events such as the annual Fiesta Mexicana and the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. These are some of the exciting events you would not want to miss out on.

You don’t need to drain your account to enjoy all that Woodburn has to offer. Getting a roof over your head is relatively cheap here compared to other cities with a similar lifestyle. For a rented apartment, expect a median monthly cost of about $1,029, with the median home value being approximately $205,300.

Another benefit retirees intending to live in this city can experience is its high ethnic diversity, making Woodburn more welcoming and accommodating. Woodburn residents also have access to quality medical care.  


Nestled in the heart of Crook County, this vibrant town is home to 11,558 people, out of which about 25% are adults above the age of 65.

Prineville offers its residents a sparse suburban atmosphere with an affordable cost of living. The housing price is relatively low, with the median monthly cost for a rented apartment amounting to about $837. Additionally, the median home value is about $188,500, which is quite affordable for most retirees on a budget.

Prineville experiences a cool semi-arid climate that supports outdoor activities. Folks living here can engage in plenty of activities such as fishing along the beautiful Crooked River, hiking, or golfing at the famous Meadow Lakes Golf Course.

If you want to relieve stress, you can occasionally visit the Prineville Reservoir State Park for a good dose of laughter while socializing.

The uninterrupted stunning view of the scenic countryside and the surrounding mountains add to this city’s beauty. Since Prineville is ethnically diversified, you are likely to bump into retirees with very varied cultural backgrounds.

There are also several health care facilities to attend to your health issues.



10 Best Places to Retire in Oregon on a Budget


Ontario is one of the largest cities in eastern Oregon (Treasure Valley), with 10,972 people. About 16% of its entire population is made up of adults above 65 years old.

This beautiful city offers its residents a dense suburban atmosphere with a relatively low cost of living. The median monthly rental cost here is approximately $691, while the median home value is about $117,800. Even with a tight budget, you will comfortably afford a roof over your head.

If you are a nature enthusiast, you’ll enjoy the natural wonders the beautiful land of Ontario has to offer. Its location along the Snake River provides a breathtaking view of the largest tributary of the Columbia River.

Additionally, you can visit Hells Canyon for exciting outdoor activities, which, due to its proximity to Oregon’s high desert area, records the region’s hottest summer temperatures.

You can visit Bose, Idaho, or other areas neighboring Ontario for a change of scenery, which has pretty much to offer in fishing, hiking, and camping.

Ontario has a thriving economy. It is home to the Heinz Frozen Food Company, a subsidiary of the renowned H. J. Heinz Company, which is famous for processing locally produced potatoes.

Ontario has a sound healthcare system for its residents. Therefore, by living here, you enjoy the luxury of the low cost of living without compromising on access to healthcare services.


Retiring on a budget doesn’t eliminate the possibility of living a satisfying life. At the same time, you shouldn’t compromise on comfort, good healthcare services, and basic amenities in the name of cutting costs. Good thing you have the above list of amazing yet affordable places to live in Oregon in your retirement. Pick one, settle in, and enjoy the golden years ahead of you!



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