24 Best Employers for Workers Over 50

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Starting a new career can be scary. This is especially true when you’re starting a new career later in life. If this is you and you are considering a career change, you may be wondering what some of the best employers are for people over 50 years old. 

What are some of the best employers for workers over 50? The answer isn’t as simple as one specific company or corporation. However, there are many jobs geared toward people who are 50 and older. 

If you are looking for a new career path, don’t stress! Read on to learn about some of the best jobs and employers for people 50+.

Jobs in Education

Education is a wonderful field to get into at any age. However, some of the best educators are 50+. The phrase older and wiser is quite applicable in this instance. This section will cover some of the best jobs and employers if you have an interest in education.

#1 Curriculum Developer

A curriculum developer is an excellent profession for those who love to teach but maybe can’t keep up with traditional teacher hours. Because so many schools are converting to online learning, curriculum developers can work freelance oftentimes. This also means you can work developing curriculum from the comfort of your own home. 

There are a ton of schools and companies looking for curriculum developers, but one that stands out is App Academy. App Academy offers remote working options and flexible hours. Additionally, you’d be working with a team of other skilled seniors who care about children’s education. 

#2 Education Specialist

Being an education specialist takes a special kind of person. You need the passion of a teacher, and then some stamina. Helping underprivileged kids get a quality education is so important. However, being an education specialist allows for a bit more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. This makes this an excellent option for people 50+. 

If you think being an education specialist could be a good career path for you, check out The Children’s Institute. The Children’s Institute is an excellent company for seniors. They offer amazing benefits such as medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, paid time off, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, disability, wellness programs, and employee recognition events. 

#3 Preschool Teacher

Shaping little minds is one of the most important jobs there is. If you have a love for children and a love for teaching, this is the job for you. This is especially true if you are a particularly patient and creative person. 

An excellent part of early childhood education is an incredible opportunity for a flexible schedule. Typically, preschool-aged children only go to school for half a day. This means you can take as many half days as you’d like.

One option for early childhood educators is Little Luke’s Childhood Center. This is a wonderful company. They offer incredible opportunities for advancements through the company. They offer a competitive salary, benefits packages for full-time employees, ongoing professional training. 

#4 Professor

24 Best Employers for Workers Over 50

Being a professor is an excellent way to enhance the minds of young adults. This is an especially rewarding job and is an incredible option for those 50 and older. The average age of professors in the United States is 55. 

Unlike primary educators, you wouldn’t have to work a traditional teachers’ schedule. Many universities will work with professors to find time slots for classes that work with their schedules. Additionally, many departments will allow professors to come on full-time or part-time. Typically, both positions offer excellent benefits and opportunities for tenure as well.

Becoming a professor means you have thousands of potential workplaces to choose from. However, one of the most senior-friendly universities is Bucknell University. They have excellent benefits and scheduling opportunities. They additionally have retirement plans and equal opportunity employment. 

Jobs in the Medical Field

Medicine is one field that is always in demand for workers. Plus, with a medical career, you have a huge number of educational options. Many universities have accelerated programs online if you’re looking to break into the field. If you have a love for helping and healing people, this may be a field you should consider.  

#5 Nurse

Nursing is an excellent career for any age, and now is a great time to go into nursing. Over the next ten years, the demand for nurses is estimated to increase by 12%. This is much faster than the average demand growth for most jobs, so if you’re considering becoming a nurse, now is the time to do so.

Another great benefit of nursing is access to quality education programs. Because of the growing demand for nurses, there has been a growth in schools that offer accelerated nursing degrees. This means you could have your degree and be out in the medical field in as little as two years or less. 

Nursing can be a bit challenging when it comes to scheduling, as hospital nurses typically have to work nights and holidays. However, nurses who work in private doctors’ offices usually have regular 9-5. One excellent option for prospective nurses is Primed Physicians. They offer competitive wages, normal 9-5 scheduling, 401(k) plans, medical, dental, and vision insurance, and lifelong disability. 

#6 Occupational Therapist

As human life expectancy increases, more people are sustaining injuries that require some form of therapy or rehabilitation. This means that the demand for occupational therapists is constantly growing. In fact, the demand for occupational therapists is estimated to grow 31% over the next 10 years, which is exponentially higher than other occupations expected growth. 

A great place to look into working as an occupational therapist is Continuum Rehabilitation. They offer a unique work environment, as much of their services are for homebound patients. This means you travel to the patient rather than them traveling to you. This allows for a lot of flexibility in location and hours.

#7 Personal Trainers

As fitness and health are becoming bigger factors in people’s lives, the demand for personal trainers is becoming more and more prominent. It is suspected to grow 13% over the next 10 years. This is an excellent occupation for health-conscious people over 50 for a number of reasons. 

There is a special role for 50+ personal trainers. Because starting a fitness journey can be scary, many older individuals may feel intimidated by a young twenty-something-year-old. That being said, they may feel more comfortable working with someone who is closer to their own age. 

If you are considering a career in personal training, freelance is always a great option. However, if you’re looking for a physical facility, Cross Fit Juggernaut may be a good option for you. They are looking for remote online coaches. This means a flexible schedule and no travel. 

#8 Counselor

Counselors are in quite high demand as of recent years. The demand for counselors is so high that the unemployment rate among them is only 2.4%. This means you’re almost guaranteed to find a job once finished with the appropriate schooling. 

One great option for aspiring counselors is Better Help. This is a website that offers online therapy for those in need. They are currently looking for people with the proper certifications to help further their mission by offering therapy online. 

Jobs in Finance

If you’re a lover of math, numbers, and budgets, a career in finance may be a smart choice for you. Additionally, there are a number of companies that offer on-site training once you’re hired. If you think you might be a good fit for a career in finance, then this section is for you. 

#9 Financial Advisor

With age, comes wisdom about many things. One of these things is finance. Financial advisors are growing in demand because people want to know how they can increase their wealth over long periods of time. With a degree in finance and the wisdom you already possess, you could help people achieve their financial goals. 

There are so many excellent options for financial advisors. One that stands out is CyberCoders, based out of Boston. Fret not if you’re not in the Boston area. They offer a remote financial advising position where you can work from anywhere you like. Additionally, there are plenty of freelance options for financial advisors based in your own home town. 

#10 Audit/ Tax Associate

This is a job that relies heavily on being good with numbers. Companies need people who are organized and intelligent to keep track of money and expenses that are in the form of taxes and audits. This may seem tedious to some, but it is definitely something you should consider if you’re an organized number lover. 

A great place to look into if you’re considering an audit or tax associate career is KPMG. They offer many opportunities for promotion and raises. Additionally, they offer flexibility in scheduling and workload. This is ideal for people 50+ or even people looking for something a bit slower paced to ease into retirement.  

#11 Financial Services Office Specialist

Helping students be able to go to college in a way that doesn’t break the bank. Think of how many kids would not have been able to go to school if it hadn’t been for the help of a financial aid specialist. If you are good with both numbers and people, then this may be the job for you. 

A good place of Employment would be Williams College. They have been named one of the top schools for financial aid distributed. That being said, they need quality workers who can help accomplish this. With being a financial services office specialist, you’ll get very similar benefits and flexibility in scheduling as a professor would. 

#12 Compensation Director

A compensation director is another position that requires a good amount of knowledge about both numbers and organization. It is your responsibility to manage money and make sure everyone in the company is getting the appropriate amounts. 

If you are interested in becoming a compensation director, then the possibilities are almost endless in terms of where you can get employed. One great option is General Mills. They offer incredible opportunities for growth within the company and provide a great work environment with strong core values. 

Management Positions

If you are drawn to positions of power, consider pursuing a career in management. Management can be on a small scale or a large scale, whatever you choose. Whether you want to manage a local restaurant or a branch of a company, read on. 

#13 Project Manager 

If you are good at working efficiently and sticking to a schedule while encouraging others to do the same, then product management may be a good fit for you. Some of your duties would include delegating responsibilities, managing budgets, monitoring progress, and informing higher-ups of said progress.

If you think this may be a good career for you, check out Pfizer. Past employees have said they make time for you as an employee. They strived to allow a flexible schedule and truly cared about the needs of the employees. 

#14 Procurement Manager

If you have impeccable taste, procurement could be a field you consider looking into. Procurement managers are in charge of buying agents and suppliers in order to enhance the performance of the brand. 

If this sounds like a career you would like, check out Rover. They are hiring procurement managers that are passionate about animals. This is an excellent opportunity, as they are small enough for you to really influence the company, while large enough to provide structure and organization. 

24 Best Employers for Workers Over 50

#15 Development Manager

Development managers are in charge of the developmental programs for many non-profit organizations. This also entails planning events and marketing programs in order to attempt to bring in more potential donors.

If you are looking for a job in development managing, look into Kimberly-Clark. Though they are not a non-profit organization, they still do amazing work for the community and for their employees. They offer a good amount of opportunity for advancements in the company. They even offer promotions every eighteen months. 

#16 Content Manager 

Being a content manager is a great position for someone who is a natural-born leader with excellent writing and communication abilities as well. In this role, you’d be in charge of a content team. You’ll not only write, edit, and publish your own content, but delegate content assignments to members of your team.

A great place to work as a content manager is United Way. This is a company aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty. As they are such a value guided company, they focus heavily on putting positive content out into the media. As a content manager there, you’d be in charge of regulating all of that positivity.

Jobs in Communication

Some people thrive being around and talking with other people. If this is you, then maybe communications is the field for you. There is a wide array of jobs you can hold with a degree in communications, so here are just a few jobs and companies that involve communication. 

#17 Journalist

Journalism is a noble and important career at any age. There will never be a time where the news or information becomes irrelevant or obsolete. This means the demand for those who gather that information is always high.

If you are a good writer, have good observational skills, and are good at presenting information in an unbiased and balanced manner, a job in journalism could be for you. There are many different careers to pursue in journalism as well. You can be someone who investigated the news, reports the news, or writes the news. You could even work behind the scenes editing or producing. There are so many options.

A good place to look for a career in journalism is Snopes Media. They offer a positive work environment that makes employees feel welcomed and respected. Additionally, they put a great emphasis on collaboration and teamwork, making for an even more positive environment. 

#18 Communications Specialist

Communications specialists may be one of the most sociable occupations one can have. These specialists are in charge of all internal and external communication that has to do with the proceedings of the company. They are very important to the efficiency of the company as well as morale. 

If you are an excellent “people person” with top tier organizational skills, this may be the job for you. Some of the responsibilities of the job include planning events, drafting media statements, answering questions and concerns from the media, writing publications on behalf of the company, and planning and carrying out press conferences.

A great company to work for as a communications specialist is MindBody Inc. This is an excellent company that focuses heavily on the needs and wants of the customer. Because this company strives to be as personable as possible, there is a big role to fill in being a communication specialist. Their core values allow employees to feel appreciated and valued, making it an excellent place to work. 

#19 Sales

A lot of people may think that sales have more to do with numbers and marketing than it does with communications. While sales are a little bit about numbers, it is mostly about people skills and your ability to convince someone they need to buy your product or service (even if they don’t). 

If you are good at talking people into things, then a job in sales might be ideal for you. In addition to being persuasive, you must be able to express a passion about whatever it is you are trying to sell. The more passionate you seem about your product, the more likely you are to make a sale. 

A great place to look into for a career in sales is Boise Cascade. They offer a very laid back environment that allows employees to thrive. You are motivated by your own incentive. All employees are treated equally, and they put a great amount of focus on problem-solving as a team rather than finding responsible parties when mistakes are made. 

Jobs in Technology

Technology is an ever-changing field that may seem a bit vast for the 50+ crowd, but it is one of the most lucrative jobs for someone with problem-solving skills and a desire to learn new things. 

#20 Microsoft Developer

Microsoft is one of the best-known companies in the world when it comes to technology. They are constantly working on new developments to make the world of technology a little less confusing for those of us who are technologically challenged. 

Being a Microsoft developer is an incredible job opportunity if you’re interested in pursuing a career in a field of technology. Some of the skills needed to do this job successfully, working independently or with a team, good problem solving, turning abstract ideas into a functional application, have an understanding of object-oriented programming, and understanding programming patterns. 

An excellent place to pursue a career in Microsoft development is First Energy. For starters, there is added security in working for such a large company. It provides a very stable and positive environment for employees. 

Additionally, they offer great health insurance and retirement plans. They prioritize work/life balance when scheduling for employees. You are treated as a person first rather than an employee first. Lastly, there is a considerable amount of opportunity for advancement based on merit rather than basing promotions on seniority.

#21 Database Administrator 

Database administrators blur the lines between organizational and technological skills. You must be good at both to be a productive database administrator. The main responsibility of a database admin is to familiarize oneself with programs used by a company in order to store and keep organized all of the company’s data. 

Depending on the company, there is a wide array of what this data could be. It could be shipping or billing information, secure financial records, or even payroll data for the internal workings of the company.

A wonderful place to pursue a career in database admin is Ansys. Named one of the top 50 best places to work by Fast Company, working at Ansys provides many unique opportunities to further your career in the technology field. 

Jobs For Retired Individuals

Are you bored in retirement? Getting involved in a new line of work could be just the cure. Here are just a few ways you can keep busy while making money in retirement.

#22 Real Estate Agent

Did you know that the average age for a real estate agent is 57? This is an incredible job for someone who has already had a long, fulfilling career and may be looking to try something new in their retirement. Real estate agent training and licenses are fairly easy to obtain. In total, you can get training and your license for around five hundred dollars. 

Howard Hanna is an excellent place to consider working if you are considering pursuing real estate. They are based in the midwestern United States. They also offer a number of benefits, such as an income advantage program. In addition to this, they offer recharge trips for their employees, so you can travel while still working during your retirement.

#23 Tutor

Tutoring can be a great way to keep busy during retirement without overwhelming yourself with a full teaching schedule. This is an especially great option if you retired from a career, like teaching, or if you retired from a career where you have a lot of knowledge to share on the subject that can be applied in a school setting. 

If you’re not interested in tutoring freelance, check out GoPeer. GoPeer is an online tutoring site for students K-12. Your schedule would be entirely determined by you, so you never have to feel overwhelmed with the workload. Additionally, GoPeer tutoring is based in an online classroom, so there is no need to even leave your home.

#24 Personal Chef

If you love to cook, then being a personal chef may be the perfect post-retirement job. Cooking on a professional level has many benefits. This is especially true when you do so on your own schedule. 

If you do plan to start a career as a personal chef, there are many websites you can check out that can help launch your career. One great site for doing this is Meet A Chef. You will be able to post your profile on the site, and it will get many views from potential customers. 


Hopefully, you see now that changing careers does not have to be scary or overwhelming. Career changes can even be exciting once you have an idea of what you want to do and where you want to do it. 

This list is a fraction of all the possibilities that exist for great companies to work for when you’re 50 and over. Once you find your passion, don’t hesitate to pursue it, no matter what stage in life you may be deciding to do so.  



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