4 Best Places to Retire For Fishing

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You’ve made it through life and successfully retired. Now, what to do? You are now free to fully embrace your passion – fishing. Every angler’s dream is to find the perfect place to enjoy the waters, but the world is a big place; how do you choose the best spot for you? 

Some of the best places to retire for fishing include Miami, Florida, Michigan, Costa Rica, and Prince Edward’s Island. But there is a lot more to choose from that would make any angler happy! 

We will be going over some of the best places in the world to retire for fishing. If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to keep reading!

What Makes for a Good Place to Fish?

There is a difference between a good fishing spot and a good area to settle down specifically because it is great for fishing. There are multiple factors to consider before moving to a new place

  • Cost of living
  • Size and amount of body/bodies of water 
  • Fish population 
  • Fishing culture 
  • Weather and Climate

These are going to be your biggest factors before settling down, and thus it is crucial to make the right call for yourself. 

4 Best Places to Retire For Fishing

Cost of Living

If you’ve been saving your retirement funds almost all of your life, it is essential to consider the cost of living as part of your retirement plan. States, cities, and countries will all greatly differ when it comes to how much it will cost you to live there. 

Let’s say you saved up $500,000 and withdrew $20,000 each year; that will last you approximately 25 years, but for a lot of people, that is a low cost of living and doesn’t represent the average spending a retiree household does each year which is around $50,000. 

Thus, you will have to really think about what you will be able to afford over the long term. Luckily, there is a wide range to choose from when it comes to places with great fishing spots and culture. Fishing is an activity that people of all ages, income, and culture enjoy making it one of the easier hobbies for anyone to get into, making finding the perfect spot for your needs quite achievable.


Scoping out the right fishing spot is part of being an angler, and there are multiple things to consider before settling down, such as water temperature, depth, and vegetation. 

The temperature of the water will affect what fish species will be available as well as their behavior. For example, Pike likes to bite more in the fall than they do in the summer. This also falls into weather/climate, but we will elaborate on that in a bit. 

Next, water depth is also something to consider. Different species or even sizes of a specific species will swim at different depth levels. If you are trying to catch larger bass, for example, you’ll need to fish at a deeper depth. 

If you aren’t using a fishing boat, you’ll need to consider how quickly a body of water goes from shallow to deep waters and if there is easy accessibility to the deeper parts of the water, such as providing a deck. 

Fish Population

There will be bodies of water where it is either legal or illegal to fish from depending on the current population or species, but aside from that, different anglers will prefer different levels of challenge when it comes to catching fish. 

Do you enjoy the rewarding feeling of catching more uncommon, skittish fish? Or do you enjoy the thrill of being able to battle with fish one after the other? This is something that you’ll have to ask yourself with scoping out a place. If you would like to check to see if the waters you are on contain optimal levels of fish, this Garmin Fishfinder is a great tool for anglers.

Fishing Culture

This will likely hold at least some amount of importance to you. A place with a strong fishing culture means that you have more people to relate to. Also, you have easier access to great fishing gear and bait. 

Weather and Climate 

Another factor to consider is weather and climate. Places that have a traditional summer season of hot weather, a chilly season of fall, a cold and snowy season with winter, and the return of warmth with spring will wildly change your fishing experience throughout the year. 

If you are someone who enjoys warm weather while fishing and that’s what you associate with the activity, then choosing a place that has warm weather all year round is what will be for you. Many areas in California, for example, have sunny winters. 

Can You Retire in a Different Country?

Our upcoming list will include places outside of the USA, and if you are planning to retire outside of your country, you should know a few things.

There are multiple benefits to retiring abroad, such as:

  • Potentially lower cost of living
  • Having new sights
  • Experiencing a new culture 
  • Catching new species of fish 

Many people choose to do this, and so you wouldn’t be the only one should you choose an angler’s paradise that isn’t in your native country. Below we will briefly go over some of the things to consider before you make a decision. Before that, this video goes over great countries to retire to, many of which have nice fishing spots.

Visa & Residency 

Many of the popular countries for traveling and moving require a visa, and each will have their own set of laws before being allowed to reside there permanently. Check to see what requirements a country has and if you will be able to meet the minimum amount of income required to retire there, whether that is your pension, social security, or investment income.  

Consider Traveling Before Deciding

It’s a big commitment to settle down in a country that is new to you. Many people enjoy traveling in their retirement years, and it is a good way to get a taste of what it would be like to live there. It’s also a good idea to do as much research as you can about the place to know what you are getting into. It’s also advisable to visit different seasons or be aware of what each season will be like.

Look up Fishing and Boating Laws

Different countries will have their own laws regarding fishing and boating, so it is important to be aware of the new regulations to avoid landing yourself in trouble. Certain species of fish that are okay to fish in the US might be protected overseas, for example.

Miami, Florida

4 Best Places to Retire For Fishing

With the availability of both fresh and saltwater fish, beautiful beaches, and a city full of wonder, Miami is one of the best places in the USA for anglers.

Cost of Living

One thing you should be aware of about Miami is its cost of living, which can cost you a pretty penny, ranking as one of the top 15 most expensive cities to live in the US. However, that isn’t the whole story. The wealthiest neighborhoods jack up the average cost of living numbers, but in reality, you can find housing around the national US average. 

The average monthly expenses are stated to be $2500 for necessities such as rent, utilities, internet, gasoline, and food, which again includes the wealthiest of residents. 


Miami is sunny all year round, and in the summertime, it can get very hot and humid, which makes temperatures feel higher than they actually are. For example, it can be 85 ℉ (29 ℃) but feel at least 10 degrees hotter than that, which is uncomfortable for most folks. 

However, outside of the summer months, it is pretty comfortable! Spring in Miami is quite comfortable with temperatures rarely exceeding 76℉ (26 ℃) in March, and at the end of spring in May, temperatures rarely exceed 83 ℉ (28 ℃). It’s also less humid in the spring, which makes temperatures feel closer to their listed numbers. 

In the winter months, the temperatures average 68 ℉( 20 ℃) to 70 ℉ ( 21.1 ℃), which is comfortable for most people. In short, you can fish all year round in sunny weather. If you enjoy winter fishing, then this is obviously a con, but it is safe to say that most anglers prefer fishing in the warmer seasons. 

Fishing Spots

With both salt and freshwaters to choose from, where do you begin? There are key spots in Miami for both types of angling that will yield impressive catches and great scenery. 

  • Tropical Park is one of the best places for freshwater fishing in Miami. You’ll find bluegill, catfish, and largemouth bass here and four lakes in total. But that’s not all this area has to offer. The various facilities will give you other things to do if you want to take a fishing break. Facilities such as tennis courts, an equestrian center, and a dog park are available. 
  • Blackpoint Marina is another fishing hotspot in Miami that features saltwater fish such as bonefish, tarpon, and snook. The jetty that extends 1.5 miles into the bay is where anglers go to catch fish, and along with fishing, you can also enjoy a dockside restaurant and bar, bikeways, jogging trail, and a large picnic pavilion and grill. 
  • Matheson Hammock Park is unique in that it features a man-made atoll pool that is flushed by the tidal action coming from Biscayne Bay. In this pool, you can find mullet, snapper, and snook. Overall it is a beautiful area to relax, enjoy the sun, and catch some fish. Under the bridge on the park’s right side, past the toll gate, is one of the more occupied fishing spots. 


One of the best states for fishing is Michigan. With its plethora of fishing spots, fish species, plenty of nature to enjoy, and affordable living, it is a great place for anglers to retire. There are also over 11,000 inland lakes and 3000 rivers, making it relatively easy to access a fishing spot.

Cost of Living

When it comes to stretching a retirement fund, Michigan can save you a lot of living cost depending on where you settle down. For example, Grand Rapids is one of the most affordable cities in the US to live in. Rent in the city averages out at approximately $883 per month, while food is very affordable. 

If you prefer a waterfront home, you can find home listings for under $200,000, which is under the US national average. 


Michigan is as traditional as it gets when it comes to year-round weather. Spring is warm, summer is hot, fall is chilly, and winter is cold and snowy. The last part might be a disappointment for those who do not enjoy winter fishing or as much as warm-weather fishing. 

But when it is warm outside, it is quite nice, with summer temperatures peaking at around 85 ℉ ( 29 ℃) in the summer. As you can imagine, the colder months will be pretty chilly, given these modest summer numbers.

January is the coldest month with temperatures as low as 18 ℉ (-7.7 ℃), and fall can make you reach for a coat with temperatures as low as 33.5 ℉ ( 0.55 ℃). The story is the same for early to mid-spring with similar temperatures. 

Fishing Spots

There are a plethora of fishing spots in Michigan, which can make choosing one a hard decision. Luckily, some of the best spots have already been mapped out, with many anglers enjoying the state for its variety of waters and fish. You can be assured the state has the angler stamp of approval overall. 

  • Brimley Bay is for those who enjoy fishing from a boat. It is one of the most family-friendly areas to go fishing too, so don’t be afraid to bring family, including pets! Amenities include a bait store, boat launch, and boat rental, so don’t worry about not having your boat if you would like to hit the waters. And with 24/7 accessibility, you can have a go at fishing any time you feel like it. You can find species such as bullhead, largemouth and smallmouth bass, and whitefish. 
  • Saginaw Bay has a lot of variety in the type of fishing you can do here, and that’s because you have a massive body of water that is life with fish. You’ll find people fishing on piers, the beach, and in boats. If you love being surrounded by lots of water, this is the spot for you! Here you can find fish species such as walleye, whitefish, northern pike, and trout.
  • Union Lake is also great for people who want to go fishing from a boat, and with it being one of the deepest lakes in Michigan, you won’t have to worry about shallow waters! And when you are done with fishing, or just want to take a break, you can enjoy the various restaurants, bars, and shops all within walking distance. 
  • Lake Erie is like a freshwater ocean with its absolutely gargantuan scale. You can look at it from most shores and see nothing but water, and that’s because it is large enough to touch New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. It also touches Ontario, Canada. We weren’t kidding when we called it a freshwater ocean! Erie is a great place to fish in any of these places, and you can find species such as bluegill, smallmouth bass, steelhead, and walleye.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

4 Best Places to Retire For Fishing

Suppose you would like a quiet life and have excellent fishing spots available; Prince Edwards Island is one of the best places to fish in the world. It has the history to back it up, too – the world’s largest bluefin tuna was caught here weighing 1,496 pounds (678.6 kg). But even if you aren’t chasing world records, there are plenty of fishing spots that can be found here. 

Cost of Living

Prince Edward’s Island (PEI) is one of the most affordable places to live in Canada, making it doable for a lot of retiring folks to settle down here. 

It’s important to note that the Canadian dollar isn’t as strong as the US dollar, meaning it isn’t as valuable. And that with the US dollar, you could buy more Canadian dollars. As of writing, the Canadian dollar is worth 76 cents to an American, so in theory, your retirement funds can stretch further here. 

For example, $1000 in Canadian dollars would be $758.68 US dollars making it so that you could buy a relatively large amount of Canadian dollars with USD. However, one thing to note about this is that Canada’s cost of living is generally more than America, which not only evens things out, but it can make some folks living comfortably in the US start struggling in Canada depending on where you go.

As we previously stated, PEI is one of the more affordable places to live in Canada. Housing is cheaper than average, as well as food and utilities. For example, a small apartment can cost approximately $850 per month, which would be USD 645 today. This list will give you a good idea of what to expect, and this guide will help get you started on knowing what to consider before moving.


Many people picture Canada as a snowy place, and that is partially true. Canada rests in the northern hemisphere and stretches quite a large distance, making the country’s upper regions especially chilly. 

However, PEI fluctuates in temperature throughout the year, and it gets quite nice in the summer months. The first images that pop up when searching for the place showcase beautiful, sprawling countryside fields that suggest that the warmer months are associated with PEI.

This is true since tourists flock to PEI in the summer months to enjoy the wonderful weather that is not too hot or too cold. You can expect temperatures to peak at no more than 76°F (24.4℃) average; temperature sits at 66°F (18.8 ℃). 

Fall and winter are quite cold with temperatures on average 37°F ( 2.7℃), but that can drop down substantially to 14 °F (-10℃) at the coldest. How you feel about winter fishing will dictate whether or not this will work for you or not. 

Springtime has temperatures that range anywhere from 46°F(7.7℃) to 71°F (21.6℃), so you will likely want a jacket while landing fish. 

In short, summertime will be most angler’s paradise, but it is a brief window of time lasting just over three months. If you aren’t a fan of cold weather, then you will probably be disappointed waiting for another summer season. 

Fishing Spots

  • North Rustico is a strip that runs along the Gulf of St. Lawrence and is known for its deep-sea fishing. You can find species such as cod and mackerel, and you can go on sightseeing tours on both boat and land. Amenities include a theatre, restaurants with delicious seafood options, and shops. This is a great spot for the whole family, young or old. 
  • Georgetown is another spot that is great for deep-sea fishing. Not only will you find mackerel, but you will be able to trap lobsters. Furthermore, seals can be spotted here! If you enjoy a break from the waters and want to do some golfing, you can enjoy Dundarave and Brudenell golf courses. And as you can likely guess, lovely restaurants and shops have set up here. This is a complete day-trip for almost anyone!
  • East Hillsborough River is a nice spot that sits close to Charlottetown, the capital city of PEI. So if you plan to settle down with the folks of this town, then you can rest assured you won’t have to travel too far to cast a line. Here you can find striped bass, which is increasing in population and can get pretty large. This is a nice spot to relax and enjoy stream fishing. 
  • Montague River features plenty of trout to catch, with species including Rainbow trout, Brook trout, and Steelhead trout. You won’t have much trouble landing bites here! This spot is near Georgetown, so if you reside/enjoy the fishing there, you can easily travel over to Montague River!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is widely considered one of the world’s best countries for anglers, namely for its wide variety of fishing types and species. It has it all: deep sea fishing, streams, ponds, and lakes. It’s also warm all-year-round, so if you dislike cold weather, this potentially may be the perfect place for you to settle down. 

Cost of living

Costa Rica is as cheap or expensive to live in as you make it. A single person can live on $1000 just fine generally. That’s 598,212.86 CRC at the time of writing.

A 1-bedroom home can cost as little as $450 here, with food, utilities, phone bill, and transportation being quite a bit less than the US equivalent. Overall, Costa Rica can be an affordable place to live in. 


Costa Rica is located near the equator, and thus, it is warm all year round. There isn’t a distinct summer or winter season; rather, there is a rainy season from May to November. This season stays true to its name. There will oftentimes be rain that lasts all day. Costa Rica also features different climates, thus talking about the weather as a whole can vary. 

The year-round temperature ranges between 70℉ and 81℉ ( 12-27℃), and thus it’s pretty much always great weather for fishing temperature-wise in the dry season. 

Fishing Spots

  • Gulf of Papagayo is near Liberia International Airport, which makes it convenient for travelers to visit here. Here, you can find fish species such as tuna, mahi-mahi, and sailfish and can enjoy either deep sea or inshore fishing. 
  • Cahuita is a village located on the Caribbean coast. It features a white sandy beach known as Playa Blanca, which features a National Park with a white sand beach known as Playa Blanca, rainforest shelters, and a black sand beach known as Playa Negra. In Cahuita, you can catch fish species such as Tarpon, Snook, and Spanish Mackerel.
  • Lake Arenal is an excellent spot for freshwater fishing, and in Costa Rica, you won’t require a license to fish from rivers, lakes, and ponds. Rainbow Bass is abundant here, but you can also catch tilapia, acrobatic machacas, and mojaris. You’ll also have quite the view with a volcano that is also a national park. 


There are plenty of places to retire that are great for fishing. But at the top of our heads, we think Miami (or Florida in general), Michigan, Prince Edward’s Island, and Costa Rica are great options to start with. 

Other places we didn’t mention include:

  • Lake of the Woods, Canada
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast, USA
  • Monterey Country, California, USA

There’s certainly a lot of decision making to be had about where to settle down, but eventually, you will find the perfect place to call home for the rest of your life. 



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