Delaware vs. Florida for Retirement: Which Is Better?

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Delaware and Florida are both popular retirement locations for different reasons. Each state has many positive features, but which one is better?

Delaware is better for retirement because of its healthcare quality, but it has a higher crime rate than Florida. Both states have about the same cost of living per month, have various public transportation options, a low tax environment, and many different restaurant options.

Choosing where you retire will be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. This article will cover the cost of living, transportation, notable attractions, tax environment, and crime rates of both Delaware and Florida. Furthermore, the article will discuss the weather, restaurants, and healthcare quality of each.

Category Delaware Florida
Cost of Living Monthly cost of $1965.55 Monthly cost of $2065.60
Transportation Taxis, car rentals, public buses, Uber, bike rentals, rail service, Wilmington Trolley, Ride-Share program Taxis, car rentals, public buses, Uber, Lyft, bike rentals, rail service
Notable Attractions Nemours Estate, Rockwood Museum, John Dickinson Plantation, Hopkins Farm Creamery, Filasky’s produce, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Indian River Marina Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Kennedy Space Center, Wynwood Walls, Dry Tortugas National Park, South Beach, Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Weather Delaware has warm to hot summers and mild to cold winters. The climate is humid subtropical. In Florida’s north and central parts, the climate is humid subtropical, while the south is tropical.
Food and Drink Fast-food chains, a variety of lounges and bars, Mexican cuisine, seafood cuisine, Asian cuisine, sandwich shops Fast-food chains, a variety of lounges and bars, Mexican cuisine, fresh seafood cuisine, Asian cuisine
Tax Environment Considered the most tax-friendly state Has one of the lowest tax environments in the U.S.
Crime Rate Violent crime rates are 4.2 out of 1000, while property crime rates are 23.2 per 1000. Violent crime rates are 3.8 out of 1000, while property crime rates are 22.8 per 1000.
Health Care Quality Delaware ranks first in hospital quality, sixth in health care quality, and fifteenth for general health care. Florida is ranked 42 out of the 50 states for healthcare quality.

Delaware is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and has a population of over 900,000. The state faces the Atlantic Ocean and is known for its historical sites, farms, churches, and cathedrals.

Florida is a state in the United States located in the southeastern region. The Gulf of Mexico is to the west of Florida, while the Atlantic Ocean lies to the east. The population of the state is over 21-million. It is known for its amusement parks, warm weather, and sunny beaches.

Delaware vs. Florida for Retirement: Which Is Better?

Cost of Living

Even though the costs of living are relatively similar, Delaware is cheaper. The cost of living is reasonably affordable in Delaware, but it is still 13% higher than in other states. Even though there are areas where house prices are very high, you will be able to find affordable prices if you find the right location.

The cost of living in Florida has significantly increased in the past few decades. Out of the 50 states, Florida is the 30th most expensive. Before you move to retire there, you will have to make sure you are financially stable enough to afford the home prices and other living fees. Furthermore, if you buy on the coast in Florida, the cost of living will be higher.


Even though you will probably have your own car when retiring, it is good to know what kind of transportation is available when you need it.

There are many options for transportation in both Florida in Delaware. You can access taxis, car rentals, public buses, Uber, bike rentals, and rail services in both states. In Florida, you can also access Lyft, which is another car service like Uber.

Furthermore, in Delaware, you can ride the Wilmington Trolley. There is also a great Ride-Share program. This program is a free service that aims to improve air quality by helping customers figure out the most efficient way to get to your desired location.

Notable Attractions

Florida is known for its amusement parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, etc. You can also visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and several national parks. Furthermore, the state has beautiful beaches and lots of snorkeling or diving opportunities.

Delaware has many unique places to visit. There are over 31 top historical sites you can explore, such as the Nemours Estate and Fort Delaware State Park. There are lots of museums to visit as well, and beautiful cathedrals. Lastly, Delaware has a variety of farms you can visit, such as the Hopkins Farm Creamery.

Check out Fodor’s Florida and Greater Than a Tourist-Delaware for more information on notable attractions.

Food and Drink

Both Florida and Delaware have many food options such as fast-food chains, a variety of lounges and bars, Mexican cuisine, seafood cuisine, Asian cuisine, and more. While Delaware has numerous sandwich shops, Florida is known for its fresh seafood. Lastly, since Florida is also famous for its orange crops, fresh orange juice is a must-have.

Tax Environment

Delaware has no sales tax or personal property tax. Furthermore, it does not have value-added taxes, use taxes, inventory or unitary taxes, inheritance taxes, or stock transfer taxes. As you can see, Delaware is considered a tax shelter.

Florida is similar to Delaware concerning its low tax environment. It does not have a personal income tax or state income tax. While there is a 6% Florida sales tax, the state is still tax-friendly.

Crime Rate

In regards to both property crime and violent crime, Florida is higher than the national average. However, crime rates are lower in Florida than they are in Delaware. Violent crimes for Florida are 3.8 out of 1000, and property crime rates are 22.8 per 1000. In comparison, Delaware’s violent crimes are 4.2 out of 1000, while property crime rates are 23.2 per 1000.

These statistics mean that crime rates for Delaware are also higher than the national average. Since both states are similar in crime rates, it should not be the deciding factor if you are deciding between one or the other.

Healthcare Quality

One of the most important things to have available when retiring is good healthcare. Delaware largely trumps Florida in this regard. While Florida finds itself in 42nd place on the list of general healthcare quality, Delaware is in 15th place. Furthermore, Delaware is #1 for hospital quality and #6 for healthcare quality.

Under the category of hospital quality is treatment success for health issues like colon cancer, congestive heart failure, knee replacements, and many others. Furthermore, the rating of healthcare quality is based on the standard of nursing homes and hospitals, preventing hospital admissions and healthcare plan quality.


Delaware’s climate is humid subtropical. The state has warm to hot summers and mild to cold winters. On the other hand, in the north and central parts of Florida, the climate is humid subtropical while the south is tropical.

Florida’s rainy season is from May to October, while its dry season (winter or spring) is from November to April. Another vital thing to know is Florida’s hurricane season, which is from June to November.


The cost of living for both Delaware and Florida are similar and reasonably low. There is a variety of transportation available in both states and many different restaurants to visit.

If you prefer the hot sun, beaches, and amusement parks, Florida would be a great place to retire. On the other hand, the state does not have great healthcare, but it is tax-friendly. If you prefer historical sites, museums, and farms, Delaware will be a good location.

Furthermore, the state has excellent healthcare quality and low taxes. Lastly, crime rates in both Delaware and Florida are above the national average, which would be something to consider.



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