20 Easy Jobs for Seniors

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Seniors looking for easy work will find many options available. Many older adults are redefining what retirement means to them. Whether you want to keep yourself busy, add purpose to your life, meet new people, or just earn a little extra money, there are many part-time, full-time, and freelance jobs available. 

Seniors looking for work can become secretaries, librarians, tutors, aides, security guards, ushers, cashiers, and government employees. Those looking for freelance jobs can become Uber drivers, writers, Amazon sellers, musicians, financial planners, consultants, tutors, or dog walkers. 

To see the full list of the best 20 easy jobs for seniors, continue reading. And here is a video for inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Orh0IixQNVY

20 Easy Jobs for Seniors

Teacher or Instructor (In-Person or Online)

There are many classes you can teach, both online and in person. If you enjoy working with kids, you can become a part-time or full-time school teacher and teach simple subjects like math, reading, and history. If you enjoy working with teenagers and young adults, you can become a college or university professor. 

However, there are various other topics you can teach, as well. For example, if you are an experienced motorcyclist, you can become a motorcycle instructor at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. You can start your own class at home and instruct beginners on topics such as knitting, painting, cooking, or yoga. 

You don’t have to teach a class in person. If the thought of commuting to a school each day or hosting guests in your house doesn’t sound very appealing, you can teach online. One way to do this is by becoming an Udemy instructor

As an Udemy instructor, you won’t have to teach every day. Instead, you can record and create your course once and sell it on Udemy. You can set your own price, and you will earn 50% of each sale. Another site you can sell courses on is Skillshare, where you will get paid according to how many minutes of your courses were watched each month. 

If you know any kind of skill, you can create a course on Udemy. You can teach people about marketing, creating a budget, SEO, or martial arts. You can show people how to cook, develop a workout routine, or dance Salsa. Udemy courses only need to be a minimum of 30 minutes long and have five lessons. 

Tutor (In-Person or Online)

If you prefer to work with students one-on-one instead of teaching a class, you can become a tutor. The advantage of tutoring over teaching is that you have more control over your schedule. You can tutor students at any time of the day, whenever it works for you. 

As with teaching, you can tutor students on any topic. You can help struggling high school students with math or help elementary kids with their reading. Another option is to be an ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor. 

As with teaching, tutoring can be done in person or online. Online tutoring allows you to tutor students from around the world. There are even platforms like VIPKid where you can tutor ESL learners from the other side of the world while having full flexibility over your hours. 

Writer or Blogger

Whether you want to write about your life, become a novelist, or start a blog about a topic you know a lot about, writing can be the perfect side hobby. If you’re looking for quick, hard cash, this might not be the best option, but if you are looking for something to keep you busy and engage your mind, it might be something to look into. 

There are many types of writing opportunities available. You can write your own fiction or nonfiction book and self-publish it on a platform such as Scribd or Kindle. You can become a journalist or write opinion pieces for your local paper. 

Starting your own blog is one of the best ways to get your thoughts out to the world right away. Whether you create your own WordPress site or blog on a platform like Medium, you can have fun, share your knowledge, and make a little extra money on the side. 

As a blogger, you can earn money through ad revenue or through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers promote products on their blogs and earn a commission from each sale. 

Youtuber or Vlogger

If sitting in front of a computer and typing isn’t your cup of tea, consider vlogging (video blogging) instead. You can be active and create videos while you walk around and do stuff. 

You can start a Youtube channel on literally any topic. If you travel often, you can start a travel vlog. If you have a particular skill, you can teach it to others. You can share life advice or fitness advice if you have extensive workout experience. 

Again, this isn’t something that will bring you quick cash, but it doesn’t take much time to create videos, and you will have full flexibility over your time. You can earn money from Youtube ads, paid sponsorships, branded merchandise sales, and affiliate links. 

Uber or Lyft Driver

If you enjoy driving, you can become a driver for Uber or Lyft. Working for Uber has many advantages over working as a traditional taxi driver. First of all, you have full control over when you work. If you want to take a day off, you can do so. If you wake up one morning and feel like working for a few hours, you can just log into the app and start accepting jobs. 

As an Uber driver, you answer only to yourself. You use your own vehicle, can take as many breaks as you want, and as often as you want, and you have full flexibility. Many Uber drivers enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and have interesting conversations with strangers. 

You can also work for any other rideshare platforms available in your area or for food delivery services such as Uber Eats. 

Airbnb Host

While this isn’t exactly a “job” in the strict sense of the word, it’s a great way to earn extra money every month. If you have an unused apartment or basement or even a spare room in your house, you can host guests on Airbnb and earn money without doing much extra work. 

Airbnb is a website where you can list a spare apartment or room that you have for rent. You will be able to set minimum rental periods. For example, if you don’t want to bother with cleaning up after guests that only stay one or two nights, you can set a minimum rental period of five nights or one week. 

20 Easy Jobs for Seniors

You can be selective with whom you let into your home by opting to manually approve each guest instead of allowing them to book your listing automatically. Each guest will have a profile with personal information and reviews from previous Airbnb hosts. 

You can set your own nightly, weekly, and monthly rates, and you can charge guests an additional cleaning fee to make up for the time you spend cleaning up after them or for the money you’re paying for hired cleaning help.

The best part about Airbnb is that you can block out entire weeks or months from the calendar if you feel like you need to take a break. If you only want to host guests on weekends, you can block out weekdays. The flexibility Airbnb provides is causing many landlords to use it instead of renting to traditional tenants. 

Ecommerce Seller

There are so many ways to make money by selling stuff online. One way is to become an eCommerce seller and sell on platforms like Amazon, eBay, or your own Shopify store. You can either buy in bulk from suppliers in China or use the dropshipping method, which doesn’t require any upfront investment. As a dropshipper, you forward each order to your supplier, who processes the order and ships the product to the customer for you. 

You can also sell personal creations on Etsy. If you like knitting, sewing, painting, drawing, woodworking, or creating custom items, you can sell them on Etsy for extra cash. 

Finally, you can sell digital products. This can be an ebook, an online course, or even a software product that you worked on. 

Dog Sitter or Walker

If you love animals, you can become a dog sitter or a dog walker. As a pet sitter, you will take care of other people’s dogs or cats while they are away at work or on vacation for a few days. It’s a great way to spend time doing something you love, and caring for animals is very therapeutic and has many mental health benefits

You can also become a dog walker and walk a few dogs at a time every morning. This is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy some nature, and earn a little extra money at the same time. 

Consultant, Coach, or Financial Planner 

If you have any particular skills you learned during your career, you can become a paid consultant after retirement. You can be a consultant for anything. For example, if you have marketing skills, you can become a marketing consultant. Software consultants, IT consultants, and HR consultants are other options. 

If you run a successful business as an entrepreneur, you can coach younger entrepreneurs and share your wisdom with them. You can help them come up with business ideas, develop business strategies, create goals, and show them an action plan to reach success. Entrepreneurs are often willing to pay top dollar for expert coaching and actionable advice. 

You can even become a life coach and help people reach their personal goals. You don’t need any kind of certification to do this, but you do need to be able to motivate people and help them become the best versions of themselves. There are all kinds of things people are looking for help with.

Some people want to learn how to be more productive and advance in their careers. Students might be looking for advice on which courses to take and which degree to pursue. Others might be looking for ways to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. Here are three types of life coaching that are common:

  • Health coaching: As a health coach, you will teach people how to lose weight, get fit, and/or lead a healthier lifestyle. You might develop a diet plan for them, push them to exercise, and give them tips on how to stop binge-eating unhealthy foods. You can also create a workout plan for them and show people how to build muscle. 
  • Financial planning: There are many people who feel like their finances are in disarray and want to take control of their financial lives. Perhaps they have a lot of credit to pay off, or perhaps they are looking for advice on how to save up for retirement. Yet others might be looking for advice on how to invest in stocks. You can teach people how to create a budget, reduce their expenses, and save up money for the future. 
  • Relationship/dating coaching: There are so many people who are struggling with their personal relationships. Some people are looking for advice on how to navigate the dating world in their area and meet new people. Others are hurting after a painful break up and are looking for advice on how to recover. Couples might be looking for guidance on how to improve their marriage, while yet others may be looking for ways to improve their non-romantic relationships and make new friends. 

One of the benefits of becoming a consultant or coach is that it can usually be done remotely, via the phone, video chat, and text messages. As an older adult with a lot of life experience, people will be more likely to trust you as a life coach than they would a young person.


If you love books and libraries, you can become a librarian. Much of librarian work is not that difficult, as you can spend most of the time sitting unless you are checking out books or helping visitors return them. 

Secretary, Receptionist, or Assistant

20 Easy Jobs for Seniors

Another job role that isn’t very physically taxing is that of an administrative assistant or secretary. If you like office work and don’t mind staying inside most of the time, it’s a great job to have. Another idea is to become a receptionist at a hotel, medical clinic, or any other institution. 

Personal Health Care Aide

Becoming a personal health care aide is something that doesn’t require a lot of education, so anybody can do it. However, it does require a lot of dedication and patience, and some employers might be looking for previous experience as well. 

You can work either in a nursing home or in private homes. Duties of the job often include helping the patient or elderly individual wash themselves, cooking food for them, keeping them busy with interesting tasks and chores, and simply spending time with them. You may spend the night in order to be available if any emergency arises. 

Becoming a health care aide is something that can be enjoyable and fulfilling. However, it requires commitment and dedication. 

Another option is becoming a nanny. Many young parents have little children they need taken care of while they are away at work, and not everyone wants to send their toddlers to a daycare center. However, this is another position that requires patience and dedication, as you may deal with things such as crying children and needing to clean up messes. 

Clergy Member

When thinking of jobs that are suitable for seniors, not many people think of joining the clergy as an option. However, if you are religious, it can definitely be a fulfilling option that gives you a sense of purpose in life. 

You don’t have to be a priest or rabbi (though you definitely can become one of those). You can also become a Bible teacher at your local church or parish or deliver religious lectures. Those in the clergy don’t usually make a lot of money, but they do earn a modest salary and are able to feel like they are making the world a better place. 

Tour Guide

Do you live in a well-visited city that you love and adore? You can become a tour guide and share your passion for your city with visitors from around the world. Becoming a tour guide is a great way to meet new people, learn about new cultures, and share experiences with people from different countries. 

Tour guides can work part-time. For example, you can do an hour-long city tour a day. If you have been living in your city for a long time, you are probably aware of many lesser-known but still amazing local attractions, including hole-in-the-wall bars and cafes. You don’t have to lead a group if you find it too taxing; you can offer one-on-one private tours that show people “secret” parts of your city. 

One way to start offering private or group tours is to create an Airbnb Experience listing. Airbnb not only lets you list apartments and rooms for rent but also lets you list experiences, such as events, tours, classes, and photoshoots. 

Security Guard

Becoming a security guard may not be the first job opportunity you think about, but it’s totally possible. For many guard positions, all you’ll need to do is sit around, watch out for disturbances, watch the parking lot to ensure no vehicles get stolen and just keep an eye on things. Some positions will require you to walk around and patrol the building, but others will simply require you to sit or stand at the entrance or even just watch security cameras. 

You can also become a night watchman, though you may not feel up to it if you don’t like sleeping during the day and staying up all night. 

Of course, an armed security guard is something else entirely, as that requires specialized training. 

Musician or Artist

Musicians can make a decent income from playing at weddings, church events, birthday parties, graduations, engagement parties, and even funerals. You can work with local people and institutions you know well. 

However, performing live is far from the only way to make money as a musician. A great way to earn money on your own schedule is by offering music lessons to children or adults. You can charge $75 or even more per hour, depending on your experience and the demand. Other ways to make money include creating and selling your own albums or creating music books. 

Artists can make money by selling their art online on sites such as Etsy. They can also give private or group art lessons to kids or adults. 

Another idea, if you can create online designs, is to open a print-on-demand store on sites such as Teespring, Spreadshirt, or Printful. There’s no upfront investment required. Here’s how it works: 

  • Set up your online store
  • Choose products you want to sell (t-shirts, caps, mugs, wall posters, canvases)
  • Upload a design, logo, or picture
  • Customers order t-shirts and other products with your design
  • Teespring will print the t-shirt and send it to the customer
  • You will earn a commission


Photographers can charge a nice amount of money for a single photo shoot. Beginners can charge $50-100, but if you are more experienced, you can charge hundreds of dollars for one photoshoot. 

There are many kinds of photoshoots you can perform. You can photograph and document weddings, parties, and events. You can also offer private photoshoots to people who are looking for smart-looking business photos or cool pictures for their dating profiles. If you live in a touristy city, you can also offer tourist photoshoots at the most photo-worthy locations in your city as an Airbnb experience. 

Another idea is to take photos of nature or city landscapes and sell them on sites such as Shutterstock

Usher or Greeter

Being either an usher or a greeter is not a very difficult job. The two terms are generally interchangeable. 

As an usher at an event, building, or sports stadium, you will greet people, check their tickets, show them their seats, guide them towards the room where the event is taking place, and so on. You may be both a security guard and an usher at the same time. For example, your job might be to make sure only authorized people with the proper tickets are allowed into an event or building. 

As a greeter, you may hand out flyers or welcome people into a restaurant and help them find an empty table to sit at. You may stand at the entrance of a retail store and help people find the sections where the products they are looking for are located.


Being a cashier might not be the most exciting job, but it is a job that does not require a lot of experience. Although it doesn’t usually pay very well, it can provide a chance to work part-time without doing much more than checking out orders. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that some stores may have policies requiring their cashiers to stand the entire time they are on the job. As an older adult, you may or may not have the energy to do this. Make sure you are up for it, find a cashier job that requires fewer hours, or find an employer who lets you sit down when you are not dealing with customers. 

Government Employee

There are many government positions available to older adults, seniors, and retirees. Around one-quarter of government employees are citizens above the age of 55, which is higher than the percentage of seniors working in the private sectors. Seniors are protected from age discrimination and can be hired for many positions

One way to get started is with the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). This is a part-time employment program for low-wage earners over the age of 55. You will get paid the minimum local, state, or federal wage (whichever is higher). 

Training is provided, and you can find work at public institutions such as schools, hospitals, and daycare centers. Usually, employees work around 20 hours a week. There are certain requirements to be eligible; for example, you must not be currently employed. 

To look for available positions in your area, go to the Older Worker Program Finder and enter your zip code. 

Helpful Resources for Senior Jobs

If you are looking to find part-time or full-time work as an older adult, go to this archive from the US Department of State. There, you will find a list of resources, such as the AARP Career Center, and links to various job boards for seniors and retirees. 


Many seniors and retirees are finding that taking on a part-time job helps them feel fulfilled in life. If retirement seems boring to you and you want to have an active life, or if you are in need of extra cash, there are many job opportunities available to you. 



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