How to Attract a Man When You’re Over 50

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Attracting a man when you are above 50 years of age is quite different from when you are 20. At this time you’re more mature, wiser (better) and you know what you want. In many ways, you’re more confident, which makes you more appealing to any man.

To attract a man when you’re over 50, you have to start by knowing where to look, and what men look for in their choice of a woman. Get in touch with yourself by taking care of your personality, body, closet, and your interests. A little flirting with the men will go a long way too. 

If you want your ideal man to find you, you’re in the right place. This detailed article is going to lead you towards finding your long-term companion. Read and follow carefully to the end.

Why Becoming a Love Magnet in Your 50s Is Magical

Overall, when you are in your fifties, you’re quite established and know who you are. And a man over 50 will definitely love that. He wants someone he can share the beautiful moments of life with. He wants your big heart and your willingness to share it with him. He desires a patient, loving, sympathetic, and realistic woman – you! 

At this age, you’re no more trying to adjust yourself to what you anticipate a man wants you to be. You are totally happy rocking the person that you are, and if he does not like it, then he isn’t the one.

What Exactly Does a Mature Man Want in a Woman?

How to Attract a Man When You’re Over 50

As people mature, they see relationships, happiness, and life differently. This also applies to adult dating. Both adult men and women have different needs compared to those they had in their younger days.

Here are some of the character traits that a mature man looks for in a woman:

He Wants to Feel Needed

A middle-aged man wants to feel that he is playing a role in your life. For him to feel useful, he’ll want to contribute to your life by playing his part. 

This includes taking care of your needs and other aspects of your life. All he wants is for you to allow him to take part in your wellbeing. Even if he appreciates your independence, he still wants to feel that he is the key role player in your life.

A mature man will want to be your hero by making you feel adored, loved, and honored. This he will show with actions, and as a woman, deep down inside, you also desire to be provided for by a man and be treated with love and respect too.

He is More Interested in a Relationship

A mature man prefers a serious and long-term relationship, and he’ll look for a woman who is relationship-oriented and shares values related to this concept. 

A man will likely get attracted to you if you show supportiveness, faithfulness, and reliability. Although he wants to have fun, his priorities are different.

He Wants More Than Just Sex

An older man will go for a whole package – romance, fun, and a relationship. He wants his sex life to be something more – something attached to emotions and feelings. This is because he sees you more than just someone he’ll have sex with. 

To him, what happens before and after intercourse gives the whole sex experience an added value. He also wants to feel loved and valued besides being sexually adequate.

He Values an Intelligent Woman

A man will always appreciate an intelligent woman. He wants to share his life with a woman who’ll help him in daily life decision making. Even with his masculinity, an older man loves some challenge, as long as there is an intelligent reason behind it. 

He recognizes the reason over anything else. He knows that a woman with intelligence is able to look after the home and family. She is a great teammate who he can rely upon to support him to make the right call. 

He Loves It When a Woman Brings Out His Masculine Value

A mature man acts more masculine and likes it when you feel his protection. He will always relish any chance to feel manly, like performing some physical tasks, lifting heavy things, and more. When one feels like they are representing their gender, the dynamics of their relationship are established.

He likes a Woman With Humor

Although a mature man is serious with a relationship, he also appreciates a lady with a good sense of humor. He makes laughing a part of his daily life. A good time, laughter, and fun moment helps to alleviate stress.  

He Likes a Woman With Similar Values

A mature man recognizes that getting a woman with similar values is important as this brings peace and understanding. The two will get on well, express the same point of view, and agree on most things. A relationship based on shared interests and values will remain stable.

He Values an Ambitious Woman

Although he may still want to be the one who provides, in reality, a man will appreciate a woman with ambition. 

He values teamwork and will appreciate that his woman has goals she wants to accomplish in life. He will be more attracted to an independent woman. He will be happy to see his woman striving to achieve greater things in life, doing what she loves to do best.

He Wants a Woman to Be Herself

A man wants to be accepted just as he is, and he expects his woman to be true to herself as well. A woman who shows true character will help the man accept her, and together, they can have a fulfilled relationship. 

A relationship based on pretense never lasts long. Your man will only accept you for who you are.

The Secret to Attracting a Man After 50

Think About What Exactly You Want to Attract in a Man

Before you set out to get the man of your dreams, you have to figure out the qualities you want in a man. Include things that you’d like to share with that special someone. 

What exactly do you want to attract in a man? If you’re looking for a man you could admire, you have to have admirable qualities as well.

You cannot be wishing for a man who is more kind, responsible, loving, responsive, interesting, or generous than you are. You’ve got to step up your game. If you want him to possess certain skills that you don’t have, you should be able to admire, love, and support those skills. 

Attracting true love is a soul-searching process that requires that you give as much as you expect to receive.

Create a Positive Image of Yourself, Both Inside and Out

Your appearance is very important when looking to attract a man. 

Get a makeover, starting with your outfits, then your hairstyle, makeup, and the other small things that can transform your look. Develop a sense of style and buy clothes that’ll bring out your feminine side. 

You want to look good and feel good at the same time, so go to the store and pick outfits that make you feel amazing and confident – which is what will draw your man to you.

The internal image involves focusing on your strength, intelligence, grit, integrity – all the qualities that define you. You should affirm that person you want a man to love. Preparing yourself mentally will pave the way for love to come to you. Remember, your inner appearance and outer appearance complement each other.

Conduct a Social Research

Do your homework well to find the best places where you can meet new people. 

Start with your hobbies and the things you like to do. Search areas within your locality that provide the things you are passionate about. There you’ll not only meet people with the same interests but will also enjoy doing the things that make you happy. Mingling with people is an excellent way to initiate a conversation.

Get Out There and Have Fun

There’s no way a man will find you if you don’t get yourself out there. You need to make new friends, visit new and interesting places and have fun. If you love music and dancing, the beach, partying, why not go for it? Your ideal man is out there, so let him notice you.

Once you go out and enjoy yourself, you’ll feel happier, with more confidence, and men will be attracted to you.

Flirting Can Go a Long Way

Flirting is an excellent way to get the attention of any man. Your smile, eye contact, or arm touching can let a man know that you find him quite attractive. 

Therefore, you should polish up your flirting skills to charm your man. Lean towards him when he is talking, ask sassy questions, compliment him – just get creative.

Go on a Date

Going on a date may not end up in a relationship, but it’s a great way of having fun and making friends. Having a male companion on a weekend night can really spice up your search. 

Therefore, you should go on dates more often and meet new and interesting people. From there, you can decide whether that someone you met will be your date, potential mate, or just a friend. 

Your First Date When You Are Over 50

How to Attract a Man When You’re Over 50

Your very first date after finding your man can be nerve-wracking. 

Now that you’re set to dive into your first date, you should know that the outcome of this big day will solely depend on how well you’ll connect with your partner in your conversations and how well you present yourself before him. Make sure you arrive on time for your first date so that he isn’t left wondering whether you’ve bailed out.

Communication, in this case, means what you say, how well you listen, your character, and body language skills. Communication can help you build chemistry. 

As you plan for the big day, you should think carefully about what you’ll be talking about, and what to say or not to say. Base your talk on topics that interest you both, respectful, and will help you get to know each other better. 

When talking about your work, remember these three principles:

  • How you describe your work and how you feel about it says a lot about you. Are you hardworking, disciplined, imaginative? Talk about things that give your partner an idea of the things you do and portray your good character.
  • Always start with what you like most about your job to make your date comfortable. Speak about criticisms, later on, to avoid getting into a rant. 
  • Make your job seem interesting to your date. Avoid technical terms because they are boring. If not, talk about something else you do that is interesting to you, such as church work, volunteer work, or something else that is important to you.

Stay Visible

Your first date is probably going to be in a public place like a café, restaurant, or coffee shop. Therefore, you can show off some skin to look sexy – but with a healthy glow. Just show a little skin on your arms, neck, legs, chest, or back. You know your best features, so pick one and show it off.

Always dress your figure by choosing an elegant, age-appropriate outfit. It is your confidence and glow that will attract your man. So there’s no need to dress like a 20-year old would. 

A few striking accessories or a pop of color can make any outfit look striking. Just look as pretty as possible for your big day. Use conservative but elegant outfits and compliment them with stunning accessories such as a scarf or colorful necklace. 

Be Realistic and Positive

Always stay positive, believing that this date could be the one that will introduce you to that special man of your dreams. 

However, you should also be realistic and remember that your partner may not be the last until you get the one. This will help you manage any disappointments that may come your way. If he isn’t the one, accept to have fun as you expect the ideal man to go along.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Realistically, both you and your date have secrets and negative attributes that get you worried about when you can share them. But the sure thing is that it’s you who’ll determine whether or not to share them with your partner on your first date. 

Your family problems, friends, divorce details, medical issues, and other disappointments should be off-limits. Your first meeting should not be filled with an unpleasant conversation.

Date Like You’re Over 50

Be yourself – comfortable in both your looks and your dressing. What you need is peak chemistry and not peak comfort. There should be respect for this occasion, so make an effort to make it a success without going overboard. You should not be overly authentic.

Don’t Talk Too Much

First, you wouldn’t want to turn off your date by speaking about your old relationships. Talking about marriage is also a no-no. It’ll portray you as a desperate maiden, which may scare him off. 

Show him some respect by not touching on pushy subjects. This is not a good impression at all. Never dominate the conversation on your first date. Give him a chance to tell you about himself so you can also get to know him.

Don’t Drink Too Much

He will probably be the one paying for the food and drinks, and you don’t want him thinking that you have a drinking problem. 

This can be a big turnoff for your date. Drinking a little too much can distort your thinking, especially if you are with someone you haven’t known that well. Don’t make yourself vulnerable.

Be Serious

Remember, it took him a lot of courage to ask you out. So be serious and straightforward with him. 

Avoid playing games by acting as if you’re interested or don’t have the slightest interest in him. If it isn’t going to work out, be honest, and let him know, so he doesn’t have any expectations.  

Let Him Be the One to Go After You

Never rush a relationship or try to move along at a pace that shows you’re chasing after him, as this will make him uncomfortable, especially if it’s your first date. Let him be the one to pursue you and express his feelings first.


Attracting a man when you’re over 50 is not difficult as long as you understand what men want and what you have to do. Remember, you’re mature enough to know what you want in a man. For you to achieve your objective:

  • Think first about what you want to attract in a man. 
  • Create a positive image of yourself both in and out. 
  • Get a total makeover – dress elegantly, but respect your age.
  • Conduct social research.
  • You should go to the right places.
  • Flirt with them, but always approach them with respect.
  • Go on a date.



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